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Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 10 English Dubbed

Watch full Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 10 English Dubbed streaming online. Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 10 English dub online for free in HD. The episode starts with Keiichi having a nightmare. Rena asks Keiichi why is he late and Keiichi answers her that he had a nightmare last night. Rena asks Keiichi what kind of nightmare he had, but Keiichi says he doesn't really remember how the nightmare was like, but he has a feeling that the nightmare was about Satoko. After the conversation, they remember they are almost late, and proceed to run to school. After arriving at school, they notice that Satoko and Rika are not there. Keiichi assumes that Satoko has a fever. Soon after, Rika enters the class right when they all are getting ready to greet the teacher. Keiichi asks where Satoko is, and Rika says that Satoko will be late. During PE class, someone comes after Keiichi. That someone is Ooishi Kuraudo, the old detective from Okinomiya Police Station. Ooishi wants Keiichi to call Satoko but Keiichi keeps refusing. He then asks another student to call Satoko, which is not possible because Satoko is absent. Ooishi tells Keiichi that in place like Hinamizawa, it's better for him to not make enemies. Irie the doctor then stops Ooishi, and Ooishi leaves. Irie treats Keiichi in school clinic and tells Keiichi more about Ooishi, Satoko's brother Satoshi, how their uncle and aunt abused them and what happened to their aunt. During lunch time, Rika remains gloomy and Keiichi asks Mion if she knows anything. Mion says that Satoko's uncle, Teppei has come back to Hinamizawa. Satoko then appears in front of the class and claims that she is late only because she did tasks her uncle gave her. After school, Satoko goes home early. Rika tells his friends about Satoko coming back to her house last night in order to live together with his uncle. A day passed, and Satoko is again absent. Mion and friends then proceed to tell Ms. Chie about Satoko. Ms. Chie goes to Satoko's house because Child Welfare Service will not move if there's no proof of the abuse. Teppei says that Satoko is just sick and not allowing Ms. Chie to enter his house. Chie comes back to school with the bad news and promises to call Child Welfare Service. In the morning, Mion tells Keiichi the Child Welfare Service will only "wait and see". Right when Keiichi is getting angry, Satoko appears in front of the class. She says that she comes back only because she has getting better and says that nothing happened when the Child Welfare Service called her. Rika tells Keiichi everything about Satoko's relationship with the Child Welfare Service and Satoko's family. During lunch, Keiichi jokingly says he will eat all of Rena's lunch and then tell Satoko how good it was. Satoko then runs towards Keiichi and pushes him, while having lunch. Satoko becomes traumatized when Keiichi touches her.


5 / 5 - 5 ratings.

Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou   -   19 February 2021
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