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The Ones Within Episode 9 English Dubbed

Watch full The Ones Within Episode 9 English Dubbed streaming online. The Ones Within Episode 9 English dub online for free in HD. Heaven White and Hell Black. Paca brings Kaikoku his breakfast the next morning, advising him to eat after the anaesthetic administered to him has worn off. Paca also explains that he has to now wait for his friends in this room alone until they reach 100 million views, with a newly added player bracelet on his wrist to makes things easier for the workers here should he die. In retaliation, Kaikoku bites Paca's hand. When Paca returns to the Genome Tower the rest of the players announce that they are going on strike and refuse to participate in any games until Kaikoku is returned to them. Zakuro asks if Iride is on their side, to which Iride promises that all eight of them will be back together again. To give everyone a chance to redeem the prisoner, Paca offers them a 72-hour puzzle game for Stage 8 with 30001 pieces. In finding the piece that does not belong, they will hence earn the password combination to the White Room to free Kaikoku. While explaining the rules he warns Yuzu to know her place, hinting that he picked a puzzle game on purpose to test her specialty. The players take turns napping while Yuzu insists on working non-stop on the puzzle, as her genius intellect tells her that it is impossible to make it. Karin comforts Yuzu and uses her photographic memory to help, as everyone watches on, believing in her. Meanwhile, back in the White Room, Kaikoku recognises the player bracelet to be similar to the one Zakuro found in the oni mansion, and discovers a secret tunnel beneath the bathroom tiles. He comes across a group of three players who were likewise sent to the White Room: Nanami Omejima, Chihiro Akafuda and Zakuro's sister Sakura, who managed to live and survive in this place nicknamed "the Underground". Nanami reveals to Kaikoku that the name "13th Avenue" doesn't mean that there are other places like that, rather, the name of the place is updated each time the players change. The entire game occurs on this unpopulated island where supplies and people do frequent, only that Paca hides them well. Kaikoku also discovers that while Sakura and Zakuro are twins, the two are very different in their personality, with Sakura being more outspoken and brave and preferring to work with her hands. As the two wade in the drains to find some tools, Sakura speaks about a legend where mermaid ghosts exist here, only for the water to ripple disturbingly


5 / 5 - 7 ratings.

The Ones Within   -   08 September 2019
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